Renewable Energy Colonialism

In this episode we will discuss renewable energy colonialism, impact on local communities, and the NIMBY rhetoric.

A Just Energy Transition for India

In this episode we discuss a just energy transition for India with a focus on socio-cultural aspects, limits of technology-centered approaches, and exploitation and employment in the renewable energy sector.

Atmospheric Reactive Nitrogen in South Asia

In this episode we discuss the importance of reactive Nitrogen species in the atmosphere in the context of food security, air pollution, and climate change.

IoT for addressing environmental challenges in Uganda

In this episode we discuss the potential for application of technology, including the internet of things (IoT), in addressing air quality and other environmental challenges in Uganda and other parts of Africa.

Energy poverty in Eastern Europe

In this episode we discuss energy justice, the consequences of not having energy needs satisfied and how it relates to other environmental issues such as air pollution and environmental degradation.

Indigeneity and environmentalism in the Himalayas

In this episode, we discuss the development of infrastructure and the Anthropocene in the Himalayas with a key focus on the impact on Indigenous peoples and their activism.


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