Energy poverty in Eastern Europe

In this episode we discuss energy justice, the consequences of not having energy needs satisfied and how it relates to other environmental issues such as air pollution and environmental degradation.

  • Energy poverty and the environmental and social dimensions permeating energy justice
  • Importance of qualitative and quantitative methods to understand energy poverty
  • Differences of energy deprivation experienced by urban and rural communities

Our guest Dr Ana Stojilovska is a social scientist exploring inequality, energy poverty, energy justice, heating technology and fuels, and households’ energy use. She is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Social Sciences (Hungarian Academy of Sciences Centre of Excellence). She holds a PhD in Environmental Sciences and Policy from the Central European University and a master degree in European Studies from Europa-Kolleg Hamburg, University of Hamburg. Find her on twitter.

Our interviewer Ray Koçi is a planner and Program Director at Qendra Marrëdhënie where she examines air quality from an urban neighborhood planning perspective to build safe and healthy spaces for children and their caregivers. She has a background in urban planning, politics, human rights and management. Find her on Twitter.

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