Climate change and the pacific islands: Impacts and adaptation in Papua New Guinea

In this episode we discuss climate change in the context of Papua New Guinea (PNG) and the other pacific islands.

  • Climate change impact on PNG and other pacific islands
  • Climate change adaptations strategies for PNG and other pacific islands
  • Climate change curriculum in schools and local capacity building

Our guest Prof Chalapan Kaluwin is a professor of Environmental Science and the Dean of the School of Natural and Physical Science at the University of Papua New Guinea. His research and experiences include, climate change, atmospheric science, coastal management and planning, implementation of multilateral environmental agreements, disaster management, and more. He is one of the world’s leading experts on climate change impact on the pacific islands. He works closely with governments, communities, private sector, and various international organizations towards local capacity building and developing climate change adaptation strategies.

Our interviewer for this episode is Ayushi Kachhara. She previously worked for NIWA and currently works for Golder Associates in New Zealand. She has been in the field of air quality for over five years working with and for regional councils and transport agencies reviewing monitoring networks, developing air quality indicators, improving indoor air quality in residential buildings, and reviewing impacts of climate change on air quality. Her focus in the field of air quality has been in linking environmental science with data science algorithms to improve the overall outcome of mitigation strategies and tackle air pollution issues. Find her on Twitter.

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Music by Ritesh Prasanna.

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