Fighting air inequality, one dataset at a time

In this episode we discuss how open data on air pollution can lead to actions towards cleaner air.

  • What does ‘open’ data mean and what are the challenges of making air pollution data open and accessible?
  • What is ‘air inequality’ in the broader context of environmental justice?
  • How can people use open air quality data for good?
  • What are the challenges of making air quality data from low-cost sensors open and publicly available?

Our guest Dr Christa Hasenkopf is the Director and co‐founder of OpenAQ, an open air quality platform covering 90 countries. Hasenkopf fell in love with open data as a mechanism for change in 2011, after launching an open air quality data effort in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Hasenkopf is also an adjunct professor at Georgetown University and Johns Hopkins University. Previously, Hasenkopf was the first Chief Air Pollution Advisor to the Medical Director at the State Department and AAAS Science and Technology fellow at USAID. She is a former Fulbright Scholar, Echoing Green Fellow, and Teach for America Corps Member. Hasenkopf received a PhD in Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences from the University of Colorado.

Our interviewer for this episode is Amrit Sharma. He is a developer advocate at ecobee and the creator of several innovative digital products that help people access and understand real-time air quality including Smokey and

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